Write simple documents

BSBWRT301 – Write simple documents – Nationally Recognised & Accredited Training

Write Simple Documents – Course Outline (PDF Printable version)

General Information

Duration: 1 day, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Cost: $445 GST-Exempt, Includes training reference manual

Who should attend ?
Anyone who is required to generate simple business documents in the workplace.


Section 1 – Plan document

  • Determine audience and purpose for the document
  • Determine the format and structure
  • Establish key points for inclusion
  • Identify organisational requirements
  • Establish method of communication
  • Establish means of communication

Section 2 – Draft document

  • Develop draft document to communicate key points
  • Obtain and include any additional information that is required

Section 3 – Review document

  • Check draft for suitability of tone for audience, purpose, format and communication style
  • Check draft for readability, grammar, spelling, and sentence and paragraph construction
  • Check draft for sequencing and structure
  • Check draft to ensure it meets organisational requirements
  • Ensure draft is proofread, where appropriate, by supervisor or colleague

Section 4 – Write final document

  • Make and proofread necessary changes
  • Ensure document is sent to intended recipient
  • File copy of document in accordance with organisational policies and procedures