Excellence in Customer Service

BSBCUS301 – Deliver and monitor a service to customers – Nationally Recognised & Accredited Training 

Excellence in Customer Service – Course Outline (PDF Printable version)

General Information

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $445 GST‐Exempt Includes training reference manual

Who should attend?
You are in direct contact with customers and suppliers via telephone and/or in person.


Section 1: Identifying Customers Needs
• Identifying and clarifying customer needs and expectations
• Determining the urgency of a request
• Matching customer needs with appropriate products or services
• Seeking assistance to meet customer needs

Section 2: Delivering Customer Service
• Providing prompt service to customers
• Establishing a rapport with customers
• Handling customer complaints
• Delivering high‐quality service to all customers, including those with specific needs
• Promoting products and services

Section 3: Monitoring and Reporting on Customer Satisfaction
• Reviewing customer satisfaction
• Identifying opportunities to enhance the quality of customer service

Section 4: Making a Good First Impression
• What people notice
• Your attitude
• Your tone
• Telephone etiquette
• Listening Skills