Executive Typing

BSBITU307 Develop keyboard skills – Nationally Recognised & Accredited Training

Executive Typing – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 30 hours ~ Recommended 2 hrs per day Consecutively
Cost: $550 GST‐Exempt
Prerequisite: Experience with Windows.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to perform the following :

Course Content

Use Safe Work Practices:
• Workspace, furniture and equipment are adjusted to suit the ergonomic requirements of the user
• Work organisation meets organisational and occupational health and safety requirements for computer operation

Identify and Develop Keyboard Skill:
• Keyboard functions identified and applied
• Touch typing technique applied to complete a task
• Speed and accuracy developed in accordance with workplace requirements for level of responsibility

Check Accuracy:
• Document proof read carefully to identify errors
• Document amended, errors corrected and final accuracy check completed<strong