Microsoft Project Level 1

Microsoft Project Level 1

 Project Level 1 – Course Outline(PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 3 half days, 10.5 Hours
Cost: $550 GST‐Exempt, Includes Training Manual
Prerequisite: Experience with Microsoft Windows and use of a mouse.
Objectives: To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use Microsoft Project.
Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on, practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to use the following functions and features of Microsoft Project.

Course Content

Microsoft Project Basics:
• Overview of Microsoft Project
• Starting Microsoft Project
• The Microsoft Project Screen
• Working with Views
• Working with Combination Views
• Working with Tables
• Working with the Gantt Chart View
• Understanding Microsoft Project Menus
• Understanding Toolbars
• Working with Existing Project Files
• Exiting from Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Help (Optional):
• Printed Help Sources
• The Help Task Pane
• Browsing the Table of Contents
• Searching for Specific Help
• Understanding a Help Window
• Disabling Online Content
• Enabling Online Content
• Displaying and Using the Office Assistant
• Customising the Office Assistant
• Disabling the Office Assistant

Creating a New Project:
• New Project Overview
• Understanding Your Project
• Creating a New Project
• Saving a New Project File
• Setting Specific Options
• Pitfalls in Changing Options
• Adjusting the Standard Calendars
• Creating Public Holidays
• Creating a New Calendar
• Specifying Project Summary Information
• Specifying Project Information

Project Management:
• What is a Project?
• Tasks and Resources
• The Importance of Planning
• Steps in Project Management
• Project Management Tools
• Using a Computer
• The Advantages of Microsoft Project
• The Disadvantages of Microsoft Project

Creating Tasks:
• Overview of Creating Tasks
• Reviewing the Project
• Entering Tasks
• Creating Summary Tasks
• Moving about a Sheet
• Working with Summary Tasks

Tasks Durations:
• Task Duration Overview
• Entering Task Durations
• Displaying Critical Tasks
• Checking Project Status
• Understanding Project Slack
• Entering Milestones

Creating Relationships:
• Overview of Creating Relationships
• Catching Up with the Case Study
• Creating Relationships Using the Link Tool
• Creating Relationships Using Task Entry
• Using Task Information for Relationships
• Creating Relationships in a Sheet
• Keeping to Schedule Using Relationships
• Entering Lag Time
• Entering Lead Time

Resourcing a Project:
• Overview of Resourcing
• Creating a Resource Pool
• Entering Materials
• Assigning Calendars to Resources
• Adjusting Resource Information
• Changing the Unit Display

Assignment Concepts:
• Understanding Resource Assignment
• Project’s Calculation Methodologies
• Understanding Effort
• Creating Simple Assignments
• Understanding Task Types
• Working With Fixed Unit Assignments
• Working With Fixed Duration Assignments
• Working With Fixed Work Assignments
• Working With the Driver Resource
• Understanding Effort Driven Resourcing
• Disabling Effort Driven Resourcing

Assigning Resources:
• Overview of Assigning Resources
• Assigning Resources Using Task Entry View
• Assigning Part Time Resources
• Contouring Resource Usage
• Assigning Specific Work Times
• Problem Assignments
• Assigning Resources in Task Information
• Assigning Resources in a Sheet
• Assigning Resources that You Don’t Have

Resource Levelling:
• Resource Levelling Overview
• Creating Resource Chaos
• Tracking Down Overall locations
• Fix 1: Changing Work Effort
• Fix 2: Assigning Overtime
• Fix 3: Hiring Contract Labour
• Fix 4: Switching Work Assignments
• Fix 5: Rescheduling Tasks

Assigning Materials (Optional):
• Overview of Assigning Materials
• Assigning Fixed Material Consumption
• Contouring Materials Usage
• Adding More Material Resources
• Assigning Variable Usage Materials
• Adding to a Material Assignment
• Checking Work for Materials

Costs (Optional):
• Costing Overview
• Reviewing the Current Cost Status
• Variable Resource Costs
• Assigning Daily Costs for Equipment Hire
• Assigning Resource Usage Costs
• Assigning Fixed Costs
• Assigning Material Costs
• Using Multiple Cost Tables
• Changing Resources Rates during a Project
• Viewing Costs

Constraints and Deadlines:
• Overview of Constraints & Deadlines
• Reviewing Our Project
• Adding a Constraint
• Using Elapsed Time to Resolve Conflicts
• Creating a Deadline

Project Monitoring:
• Overview of Project Monitoring
• Creating a Baseline
• Getting Project to Update Progress
• Manually Updating Task Progress
• Entering Delayed Tasks
• Tracking Actuals on a Gantt Chart
• Using the Tracking Box
• Viewing Task Slippage

• Overview of Printing
• Printing a Gantt Chart
• Printing Sheet Views
• Printing Jobs for Resources
• Printing Resources for Tasks