Microsoft Outlook Introduction

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Outlook Introduction – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 2 half days
Cost: $445 GST-Exempt, Includes Training Manual
Prerequisite: Experience with Microsoft Windows and use of a mouse.
Objectives: To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use Microsoft Outlook.
Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on, practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.
Competency Assessment: This will be issued to trainees upon completion of training session.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to use the following functions and features of Microsoft Outlook.

Course Content

Outlook Basics:
• Understanding Outlook
• Starting Outlook
• Common Outlook Screen Elements
• Going to Outlook Features
• Navigating to Outlook Features
• The Mail Screen
• The Calendar Screen
• The Contacts Screen
• The Tasks Screen
• The Notes Screen
• Exiting Outlook

Sending E-mails:
• Understanding E‐Mail
• E‐Mail in Outlook
• How Outlook Mail Works
• Composing an E‐Mail Message
• Creating a New Message
• Checking the Spelling
• Adding an Attachment to a Message
• Adding Importance
• Requesting Message Receipts
• Sending the Message
• Creating an AutoSignature
• Using an AutoSignature
• Removing an AutoSignature
• Sending a Courtesy Copy
• Sending a Blind Copy

Receiving E-mails:
• Understanding the Inbox
• Retrieving E‐Mail
• Opening an Outlook Data File
• Adjusting the Message View
• Reading Messages
• Marking Messages as Unread
• Viewing Unread Messages
• Deleting Messages
• Recovering Deleted Messages
• Understanding Message Attachments
• Saving a Message Attachment
• Opening a Message Attachment
• Replying to a Message
• Replying to All Messages
• Replying Without the Original Message
• Forwarding Messages

Organising Messages:
• Finding Messages
• Performing an Advanced Find
• Assigning Categories to Messages
• Finding Messages by Categories
• Using a Search Folder
• Creating Your Own Search Folders
• Creating a Message Folder
• Moving Folders
• Deleting Message Folders
• Recovering Deleted Folders
• Sharing Folders
• Accessing Shared Folders
• Disabling Shared Folder Access
• Working with Message Views
• Creating a Custom Message View
• Creating a Message Filter
• Creating a Message Rule
• Archiving Messages
• Recovering Archived Messages

Junk E-mails:
• Spamming and Junk E‐mail
• Understanding Junk E‐mail Options
• Marking Messages as Junk Mail
• Marking Messages as Safe
• Managing Senders Lists
• Importing a Black List
• Exporting Your Blocked Senders List
• Reviewing and Deleting Junk Email

Working with the Calendar:
• Accessing the Calendar
• Changing Calendar Views
• Moving to Specific Dates
• Creating a Second Time Zone
• Deleting a Second Time Zone
• Sharing Your Calendar
• Viewing Shared Calendars
• Closing and Deleting Shared Calendars
• Creating a New Calendar
• Deleting a Calendar
• Creating a Public Calendar

Appointments and Events:
• Using a Specific Calendar
• Scheduling an Appointment
• Scheduling an Appointment from the Menu
• Rescheduling an Appointment to another Day
• Rescheduling an Appointment to another Time
• Creating Recurring Appointments
• Scheduling an Event
• Deleting Appointments and Events
• Organising Your Appointments
• Printing Your Calendar
• Specifying the Work Week
• Labelling Appointments

Scheduling Meetings:
• Scheduling a Meeting
• Responding to Meeting Requests
• Meeting Response Options
• Tracking Meeting Responses
• Planning a Meeting
• Responding to a Meeting Request
• Cancelling a Meeting
• Responding to a Meeting Cancellation
• Viewing Calendars of Other Users
• Saving a Calendar as a Web Page

• Understanding the Contact Card
• Accessing Contacts
• Creating a New Contact Card
• Entering Contact Details
• Adding Contacts to Existing Companies
• Editing Contact Details
• Inserting a Contact Picture
• Deleting an Unwanted Contact
• Recovering a Deleted Contact
• Printing the Contact List

Managing Contacts:
• Importing Contact Information
• Organising Contacts with Views
• Creating a Custom View
• Setting Contact Activity Options
• Entering Contact Encounter Details
• Recording Timed Encounters
• Reviewing Contact Encounters
• Sending Email to a Contact
• Adding a Contact from an Email
• Creating a Distribution List
• Using a Distribution List
• Using a Partial Distribution List

• Accessing Outlook Tasks
• Creating Simple Tasks
• Typing Tasks Directly
• Changing Task Views
• Categorising Tasks
• Sorting Tasks
• Completing Tasks
• Deleting Tasks
• Printing a Task List