Introduction to PCs & Windows

Introduction to PC’s & Windows

Intro to PCs & Windows – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 2 Half Days, 7 Hours
Cost: $445* GST‐Exempt, Includes training reference manual  (*subject to numbers – can be run one on one – cost $190 per hour)
Prerequisite: Minimum typing speed of 20 wpm.
Objectives: To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use a PC and the Windows Environment.
Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to use the following functions and features of PCs and Windows.

Course Content

Computer Fundamentals:
• Hardware
• Software
• Networks

Computer Orientation:
• Starting the Computer
• Log In Process
• Checking for Viruses
• Working with Windows
• Using the Mouse
• Common Screen Elements
• Using the Keyboard
• Shut Down the Computer

Customizing Windows:
• Changing Program Windows
• Changing the Desktop Background
• Changing the Mouse Settings
• Date and Time Settings
• Help Features
• Trouble Shooting
• Soft Re‐Boot Techniques
• Using Help Options

File Management Overview:
• Filing before Computers
• Filing with Computers
• Terminology
• Drives That May Affect You
• Working with Folders
• Working with Files
• Access to the Drives, Folders and Files

Working with Windows Explorer:
• Starting Windows Explorer
• Elements of Windows Explorer
• Naming Procedures
• Creating a Folder
• Renaming Folders
• Deleting Folders

Using your Electronic Filing System:
• Creating a Document in Word
• Copying Files
• Copy from Disk
• Moving Files
• Deleting Files
• Using the Recycle Bin
• Finding Files
• Printing a File

Additional Features:
• Format Disks
• Create Shortcuts
• Printing Options
• Alternative Methods
• Working with Subfolders
• Terms and Definitions