Microsoft Visio Introduction

Introduction to Microsoft Visio 

Visio Introduction – Course Outline(PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 2 half days, 7 Hours
Cost: $445 GST‐Exempt, Includes Training Manual
Prerequisite: Experience with Microsoft Windows and use of a mouse.
Objectives: To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use Microsoft Visio.
Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on, practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to use the following functions and features of Microsoft Visio.

Course Content

Visio Essentials:
• Starting Microsoft Visio
• Creating a Blank Drawing from a Template
• The Microsoft Visio Screen
• The Menu Bar
• Using Menu Commands
• Using Keyboard Shortcuts
• Using the Toolbars
• Screen Tips
• Opening Stencils
• Working with Stencils
• Saving a New Drawing
• Exiting From Visio

• Placing Shapes from Stencils
• Stamping Shapes
• Selecting Shapes
• Moving Shapes
• Duplicating Shapes
• Aligning Shapes
• Distributing Shapes
• Grouping Shapes

Working with Text:
• Adding Text to Shapes
• Formatting Text in Shapes
• Selecting and Editing Text
• Creating a Heading
• Creating a Text Block
• Aligning Text
• Spell Checking Text

Getting Connected:
• Connecting Shapes
• Connecting Shapes Manually
• Connecting Shapes Automatically
• Connecting Selected Shapes
• Adding Text to Connector Lines
• Changing Connector Line Direction
• Manipulating Connector Lines
• Formatting Connector Lines

Page Tools:
• Zooming
• The Pan & Zoom Window
• Displaying Grids and Rulers
• Changing Grids and Rulers
• Setting Guides and Ruler Points
• Using Guides and Guide Points
• Working with Rulers
• Changing the Scaling
• The Drawing Explorer

Size and Position :
• Resizing Shapes Manually
• Resizing Shapes Precisely
• Changing Shape Proportions
• Using Snap and Glue
• Positioning a Shape Precisely
• Rotating Shapes Precisely
• Free Rotating
• Flipping Shapes
• Changing the Order of Shapes

Formatting Shapes:
• Formatting With the Menu
• Formatting With the Toolbars
• Using the Format Painter
• Adding Shadows to Shapes
• Protecting Shapes

Working with Pages :
• Naming Pages
• Inserting Pages
• Navigating Through Pages
• Changing Page Order
• Page Orientation
• Rotating Pages
• Setting a Background
• Centring Content on a Page
• Deleting Pages

• Styles Explained
• Redefining Existing Styles
• Modifying the Connector Style
• Defining a New Style
• Applying a Style
• Basing One Style on another Style
• Partial Styles
• Deleting Styles

Printing :
• Using Print Preview
• Creating Headers & Footers
• Print Setup Options
• Printing Options
• Changing Page Size