Adobe PhotoShop Introduction

Adobe PhotoShop Introduction

Photoshop Introduction (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 2 half days, 7 Hours

Cost: $495 GST‐Exempt, Includes training manual

Prerequisite: Experience with Microsoft Windows and use of a mouse.

Objectives: In this course, you will use Adobe Photoshop to modify scanned photographs. You will use advanced tools for selecting parts of images, and will move, duplicate, and resize images. Additionally, you will perform adjustments to contrast and colour balance.

Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on, practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation. Step by step procedures.

Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to :
• Identify the attributes of raster and vector graphics, customize the Photoshop environment, open and magnify images, and use Photoshop Help.
• Select image areas using several tools and modify and manipulate selected areas.
• Create, arrange and transform layers and use layer Types, opacity, blending modes, styles to apply effects to layer contents.
• Switch image modes and adjust the hue and saturation, brightness and contrast of an image.
• Erase or repair image defects and complex background areas, paint in an image and apply filters to a layer or selection.
• Determine resolution and dimensions of an image, resize images with and without resampling, and use Crop and Canvas Size to change the canvas size of an image.
• Optimise and image for Web use using Save for Web , and save images in a format for print, using Save As .

Course Content

Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop:
• File types
• The Photoshop environment
• Getting help

Working with Image Selections:
• Selection techniques
• Modifying selections

Working with Layers:
• Creating layers
• Modifying layers
• Using Type layers
• Adding layer effects

Adjusting Images:
• Image modes
• Hue/Saturation adjustments
• Levels adjustments

Retouching Images:
• Repairing image defects
• Painting
• The Background Eraser
• Filters

Resizing Images:
• Image resolution
• Image canvas size

Preparing Finished Images:
• Images for Web use
• Images for print use