Adobe InDesign Introduction

BSBITU309 Produce desktop published documents – Nationally Recognised & Accredited Training

InDesign Introduction – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration:3 Half Days, 10.5 Hours

Cost:$550 GST‐Exempt, Includes training manual

Prerequisite:Experience with Windows and use of a mouse

Objectives:To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use Adobe InDesign.

Methodology:Group and individual instruction, hands on practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.

Competency Assessment: This will be issued to trainees upon completion of training session.

Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to :
• Start Adobe InDesign, explore elements of the environment, and use InDesign Help.
• Create a document, add basic elements to a layout, and position elements precisely by using guides and the Control panel.
• Create a facing‐pages document; create master pages; and apply master pages to a document.
• Thread text between text frames, add jump lines, and adjust the number of columns in a text frame; use the Paragraph Formatting Controls to apply paragraph formatting; use Find/Change to replace formatting; and create and edit paragraph and character styles.
• Position text in text frames and format frame borders; add Photoshop images to documents, adjust text wraps, modify graphics, and nest frames; group items and manipulate items within a group; and create layers and assign items to them.
• Print documents, create print styles, and export documents to PDF; prepare documents for commercial printing; convert document files from other applications; and use Adobe Bridge.

Course Content

Getting Started with Adobe InDesign:
• The Adobe InDesign environment
• InDesign Help

Basic Documents:
• New documents
• Custom colours
• Item position

Structuring Multi-Page Documents:
• Multi‐page documents
• Master pages

• Text frame threading
• Paragraph formatting
• Styles

Modifying Items:
• Text frames
• Graphics
• Grouped items
• Layers

Finalising Documents and Setting Defaults:
• Outputting documents
• Commercial printing preparation
• Adobe Bridge
• Preferences and defaults