Microsoft Access Introduction

Microsoft Access

Access Introduction – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 3 Half Days, 10.5 Hours
Cost: $550 GST Exempt, Includes training manual
Prerequisite: Experience with Microsoft Windows and use of a mouse.
Objectives: To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use Microsoft Access.
Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on, practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to use the following functions and features of Microsoft Access.

Course Content

Getting Started with Access:
• Starting Access
• Access Environment
• Opening Databases
• Database Window
• Working with Database Objects
• Working with Menus
• Closing a Database
• Exiting from Access

Database Scenario:
• Database Theory and Design
• Overview of Databases
• How Access Stores Data
• Spreadsheets verses Databases
• Database Objects in Tables
• Designing a Relational Database
• Normalisation of Tables

Creating the Database:
• Creating a New Database File
• Creating Tables
• Changing Field Properties
• Assigning a Primary Key
• Saving the Table
• Using the Lookup Wizard Data Type
• More on Field Properties

Creating Relationships:
• Relationship Overview
• Creating Relationships
• Editing Relationships
• Printing Relationships

Working with Records:
• Entering Records
• Working with Records
• Deleting Records
• Importing Data
• Data Violations and Integrity
• Compacting a Database
• Enforcing Referential Integrity

Creating Forms:
• Creating a Form using the Wizard
• Creating Forms with SubForms

Creating Queries:
• Querying Overview
• Creating Queries using a Wizard
• Understanding the Query Design Window
• Designing Single Table Queries
• Sorting Data
• Creating Select Queries
• Designing Multiple Table Queries

Creating Reports:
• Reporting Overview
• Previewing and Printing a Report
• Creating Other Reports