MYOB Level 2

BSBFIA303 Process accounts payable and receivable – Nationally Recognised & Accredited Training

MYOB Level 2 – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

General Information

Duration: 3 Half Days, 10.5 Hours
Cost: $550 GST‐Exempt, Includes Training Manual
Prerequisite: Experience with Windows and MYOB Introductory functions.
Objectives: To provide a thorough understanding of the comprehensive concepts and skills that will enable the participant to effectively use MYOB.
Methodology: Group and individual instruction, hands on, practical exercises, visual aids, comprehensive course documentation.
Competency Assessment: This will be issued to students upon completion of training session.
Expected Outcome: By the end of the course the participant should be able to use the following functions.

Course Content

Customizing MYOB:
• Overview of Customising
• Changing Start Up and Closure
• Changing Sales and Purchase Preferences
• Reports and Form Preferences

File Management:
• File Management Overview
• Creating File Associations
• Verifying a Data File
• Creating a Backup
• Restoring a Backup File

Security in MYOB:
• Overview of Security
• Setting the Administrator Password
• Opening a File with a Password
• Creating User Profiles
• Working with a User Account
• Deleting Unwanted User Profiles

Data Mining in MYOB:
• Data Mining Overview
• Creating a Custom List
• Using a Custom List
• Creating Custom Fields
• Using Custom Fields
• Creating Identifiers
• Applying Identifiers
• Printing a List of Identifiers
• Advanced Searching
• Advanced Reporting
• Custom Reports

Petty Cash:
• Petty Cash Overview
• Setting Up For Petty Cash
• Raising a Petty Cash Float
• Accounting for Petty Cash

Credit Cards:
• Credit Card Overview
• Spending Using a Credit Card
• Mixed GST Spending
• Paying Bills with a Credit Card
• Reconciling the Credit Card Account
• Paying Your Credit Card Account

Point of Sales:
• Point Of Sales Overview
• Linking To Undeposited Funds
• Creating a Generic Customer
• Cash Sales at the Counter
• Credit Card Sales at the Counter
• Banking Daily Sales Revenue
• Creating a Merchant Expense Account
• Accounting for Merchant Fees
• Reconciling Counter Sales
• With Your Banking

Fixed Assets:
• Overview of Fixed Assets
• Creating Accounts for Fixed Assets
• Receiving Loan Monies
• Purchasing a Capital Asset
• Making Loan Repayments
• Recording Depreciation
• Selling an Asset
• Writing off The Asset

Job Tracking:
• Overview of Job Tracking
• Creating a Header Job
• Creating Sub Jobs
• Creating Job Budgets
• Using Jobs
• Checking Job Status
• Creating a Reimbursable Expense
• Checking the Reimbursable List
• Invoicing Reimbursements

MYOB and Word Processing:
• Word Processing Overview
• Sending Personalised Letters
• Creating Individual Letters
• Creating Mailing Labels
• Creating a New Letter Template
• Using a New Letter Template

MYOB and Spreadsheets:
• Spreadsheets Overview
• Sending Cards to Excel
• Sending Sales Data to Excel
• Formula Gotchas

End of Month:
• End of Month Overview
• Reconciling the Bank Account
• Performing a GST Check‐Up
• Checking Customer & Supplier Balances
• Checking Your Payroll Obligations
• Fulfilling Payroll Obligations
• Checking the Inventory Balance

End of Year:
• End of Year Overview
• Creating Stock Take
• Adjustment Accounts
• Performing Stock Take Adjustments
• Entering Depreciation
• Writing off Bad Debts
• Settling the Bad Debt
• Understanding Prepayments
• Pro Rata Prepayment Adjustment
• Accrued Expenses
• Starting a New Financial Year
• Start of Year Adjustments

Customizing Forms:
• Overview of Customising Forms
• Creating a New Custom Form
• Understanding the Forms Toolbar
• Setting Form Properties
• Previewing a Form
• Working with Text Fields
• Adding a New Data Field
• Deleting Unwanted Objects
• Working with Lines
• Formatting Fields
• Shading Fields
• Inserting a Picture
• Running the New Form
• Changing a Custom Form