Introduction to Health and Safety @ Work

Introduction to Health and Safety @ Work (Contribute to health and safety of self and others – BSBWHS201)

Introduction to Health and Safety @ Work – Course Outline (PDF Printable version)

General Information

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $445 GST-Exempt, Includes Training Manual

Who should attend?

New employees as part of their induction and employees who need work health and safety training to learn about safety in the workplace, responsibilities and accountabilities, recognising hazards and associated risk and work health and safety legislation.


Element 1 ‐ Work Safely

  • Follow provided safely procedures and instructions when conducting work
  • Carry out pre‐start systems and equipment checks according to  workplace procedures
  • Follow workplace procedures for responding to emergency  incidents    

Element 2 ‐ Implement work safety standards

  • Identify designated persons to whom queries and  concerns about safety in the workplace should be  directed
  • Identify exiting and potential hazards in the workplace,  report them to designated persons, and record them  according to workplace procedures
  • Identify and implement WHS procedures and work  instructions
  • Identify and report emergency incidents and injuries to  designated persons according to workplace procedures
  • Identify WHS duty holders in own work area and their duties    

Element 3 ‐ Participate in WHS consultative processes

  • Contribute to workplace meetings, inspections and other  WHS consultative activities
  • Raise WHS issues with designated persons according to  organisational procedures
  • Take actions to eliminate workplace hazards and reduce  risk