Emerging Team Leaders

Emerging Team Leaders

Emerging Team Leaders – Course Outline (PDF printable version)

Duration: 5 days, 8:30am – 4/4:30pm

Cost: $1,495 includes training reference manual

Career Pathways:
• Frontline Manager
• Team Leader
• Supervisor


Day 1: Develop work priorities
•Monitor and obtain feedback on own work performance
•Design work schedules and work plans to establish priorities
•Coordinate professional development

Day 2: Communicate effectively as a workplace leader
•Identify context for communication
•Clarify message and engage communication
•Take follow-up actions

Day 3: Implement operational plan
•Monitoring and adjusting operational performance
•Produce short term plans for department/section
•Planning and acquiring resources, providing reports on performance

Day 4: Develop teams and individuals & Lead team effectiveness
•Determine individuals and team development
•Facilitate the development of the workgroup
•Developing team plans to meet expected outcomes
•Leading the work team and proactively working with the management organisation

Day 5: Implement continuous improvement
•Implement continuous improvement systems and processes
•Monitor and review performance
•Provide opportunities for further improvement