Health and Safety Representative

NT WorkSafe Approved – For employees who have been elected as Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s)

HSR NT WorkSafe Approved – Course Outline
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Duration: 5 days, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Cost: $1495 gst-exempt – Includes training reference manual

Who will benefit?
All employees who have been elected as HSR who wish to obtain or further develop their OH&S knowledge in line with current legislation and to become aware of hazards and risks for management reporting.


Work Health & Safety Framework
• General introduction, course objectives and learning outcomes
• Work Health & Safety and evolution of WHS Legislation
• WHS Framework and key terminology
• Object of the Work Health & Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011
• Duty holders and their obligations

Roles and functions of a HSR and WHS Committee
• Establishment of work groups and purpose
• Introduction to the role and functions of HSRs
• Roles and responsibilities of HSRs in consultation
• HSR’s rights, entitlements and protections
• Role of the Health and Safety Committee
• Expectations from obligations and review process
• Introduction to the tole and function of WHS entry permit holders
• Consultation requirements and arrangements in the workplace

Issue resolution and minimising risks
• Effective consultation and communication
• Investigating complaints, negotiation issue resolution and problem solving
• Small team issue resolution activity
• Monitoring and reviewing of risk controls and the role of the HSR

Inspections and notifiable incidents investigation
• Workplace inspection and recording findings
• Hazard identification inspection list
• Workplace inspection check list
• Notifiable incidents
• Incident investigation techniques

Provisional improvement notice (PIN), ceasing unsafe work practices and the Regulator/Inspectors role
• Purpose and function of PIN
• Role, requirements and the process for HSRs to issue PINS
• Directing unsafe work practices to cease
• Alternatives to PINs or ceasing unsafe work practices
• Role and function of the Regulator (NT WorkSafe)
• Inspections and penalties under the work Health & Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011